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You’re Not Charlie and Neither Am I. 

A picture isn’t worth a thousand words – not this time… Maybe never again for me. How do I show that we’re all complicit? How do I simultaneously say “Je suis Charlie!” and that I want nothing to do with them?! How was I going to respond visually to a few hundred years of systemic Western dominance whose capital-based projects have funnelled wealth, people and resources in one direction at the expense of nearly an entire planet? Whoops! Did you think this was about free speech or freedom or religion? Keep your eye on the prize.


Too Soon? Never.

Creating parodies often work to highlight the massive overstepping of power this Swine of the Times decided to exercise. Parody is, of course, “a literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule.” Ridicule is the key word here. These images are a chance by citizens who disagree with the over simplification & violence portrayed to get a jab in & create a modicum of social justice.


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