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Black' is a pulpy & strange B-movie that we decided to 'throw-back' to a 2 colour black & red cover. The cover & poster for the film garnered quite a bit of attention & drummed up a fan base. Much as the other DVD packaging for Evokative films, 'Black' followed a format that was developed at the onset of Evokative's launch. The main challenge across the line is the inclusion of both English & French on all communications. Proving successful, only minor tweaks & adjustments were necessary for each film. // ABOUT THE FILM (from Black, a Senegalese bank-robber born and raised in France, is getting over a disastrous heist in which he lost nearly all of his men. He’s seriously thinking of going straight when his cousin Lamine calls him from Dakar: a briefcase full of contraband diamonds has just been deposited in the bank where he works. Thinking this will be an unbelievably easy coup, Black assembles a new gang and quickly flies to Africa, where he’s never set foot. What they haven’t planned, however, is that they are far from being the only ones interested in that briefcase. The corrupt director of the bank, an arm dealer suffering from suppurating psoriasis, a gang of mercenaries from Chechnya and an Interpol agent are also set to get their hands on those diamonds. With a funky soundtrack, 'Black' delivers a heist film filled with action — peppered with comedy & mysticism.

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