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Touch & extremely intense, 'Crying Fist' is a hard one to pin down. With two concurrent story lines that converge in a touching & violent way, we opted to split the cover in two, revealing both desperate characters, hinting at much more to follow. As with the other DVD packaging for Evokative films, 'Crying Fist' followed a format that was developed at the onset of Evokative's launch. The main challenge across the line is the inclusion of both English & French on all communications. // ABOUT THE FILM (from Jobless, besieged by creditors, and abandoned by his wife, the once silver medalist Tae-shik has sunken to street hustling, becoming a human punching bag. Meanwhile, young Sang-hwan's delinquent ways land him behind bars. Both men look to boxing to turn around lives gone astray, aiming for the amateur title, ultimately pitting them against each other, but more importantly, against themselves.

This flick might be tied with 'Adrift in Tokyo' as one of my favourites. Although very different, it's a super-huge-ultra recommend movie.

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