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Part of a large series of DVD packaging for Evokative films, Daytime Drinking followed the format that was developed at the onset of Evokative's launch. The main challenge across the line is the inclusion of both English & French on all communications. Proving successful, only minor tweaks & adjustments were necessary for each film. // About the film (from On a drunken night out with his friends, a broken-hearted young man gets swayed into going to the countryside with them for a getaway. But when he gets there, he finds that not only have none of them have showed up, but the tiny seaside town is shuttered - no shops are open, no tourists are around, the beach is freezing, and there’s no cell phone signal. Unable (and reluctant) to return to Seoul, he finds himself in the company of some very unusual locals and, subject to the rigid rules of Korean drinking culture, on an increasingly strange odyssey nursing a never-ending hangover.

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