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Parking is a super-cool movie that had plenty of great lighting & events that were vying for use. The cover image features the two main characters standing & looking unimpressed & exhausted, which, for a variety of humorous (& not so funny) reasons, is quite fitting. The real fun starts on the back though & the disc-image, which feature a great scene that isn't quite what it seems. Much like the other DVD packaging for Evokative films, 'Parking' followed a format that was developed at the onset of Evokative's launch. The main challenge across the line is the inclusion of both English & French on all communications. Proving successful, only minor tweaks & adjustments were necessary for each film. // ABOUT THE FILM (from On Mother’s Day in Taipei, Chen-Mo makes a dinner date with his wife, hoping to improve their estranged relationship. While buying a cake on his way home, a car double-parks next to his, preventing his exit. For the entire night, Chen-Mo searches for the owner of the car and encounters a succession of strange events and eccentric characters: an old couple who have lost their only son and are living with their precocious granddaughter; a one-armed barbershop owner cooking fish-head soup; a mainland Chinese prostitute trying to escape her pimp’s cruel clutches; and a Hong-Kong tailor embroiled in debt and threatened by underground loan sharks. Combining the different flavours of drama, comedy, and noir film, 'Parking' interweaves stories to create a moving and darkly funny film, served up in a superb cinematography that will have you transfixed to the screen.

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