3 Ocean Spots /


A series of spots to accompany a 'crib-sheet' of info-graphics for Alberta Oil magazine which offered a chance to bring in some nature & life to a fact-oriented article. The whale illustration covered "Long live king natural gas" is about less emissions getting into the atmosphere overall; the snail works as a metaphor for "It's not just canadian oil moving in these pipelines anymore" & finally, the hermit crabs are about oil sands innovation & technology. These illos were super fun to work on as the factual basis of the article allowed for many conceptual options as can be seen by the extensive roughs below.





This is the set we (obviously) decided to go with.


These roughs used sport to convey the message behind each story… likely inspired by the Olympics that were going on at the same time.

Here, more iconic/conceptual options were explored, but admittedly feel a bit cold compared with the chosen oceans theme or the above athletics options.

Finally, the last semi-resolved set used space-exporation but fell short as a useable conceptual direction… this time.