Hell is Author Readings /

The cover story for Globe Books, the author covers the often hellishly boring experience that can be an author reading. So, baring that in mind, I went with a combination of a hell-scape of old, inspired by the writing forms of the Sistine Chapel, Picasso's 'Guernica', & various other oldies but goodies.

The article had quite a few quotes that lambasted the horror of the experience (from the opener): "Readings can be tricky affairs,” Irish author Aidan Higgins wrote. “There’s nothing more calculated to cause a gritting of the teeth, a shudder of the spirit or even a rising of the gorge than to be voluntarily confined in a Function Room to endure an hour-long ranting by the author in person, of predigested matter now regurgitated, delivered in a monotonous drone. It is enough to make a cat laugh or a dog throw up.” Check out the article.