Protecting Natural Gas /

Alternative choices to natural gas have caused a stir in TransCanada Corp's largest pipeline— across Canada to power industry & homes. With new options opening up every year, the price of this infrastructure usage is set to rise with all the players attempting to pass off costs but still protect their business. The illustration, effectively implying weathering a storm, has a dwindling flame protected under duress. // Below are also some of the alternate ideas proposed for the article — ranging from it's initial title of 'Death Spiral' using the nervous system as a metaphor, to various options using a natural gas flame, to an abstract 'getting blood from a stone' version.



Clockwise from left to right: The selected ‘shielding the flame’ concept seen in the final; chopping down the (natural gas) tree; Icarus flying too close to the sun; playing hot potato.


The top concept went with the initial title of the article of ‘Death Spiral’ where a mix of veins & arteries would imply a draining of resources (ie. blood) — cool looking, but not quite on track; the two rams showed the butting of heads between gas providers; & finally, “getting blood from a stone” handled in a surreal manner.