The Fashion Victim /

You know the ones… they're in every mall & street in North America drinking Starbucks with their giant glasses, making duck-faces while wearing leopard prints & soggy looking track pants paired with Uggs, exuding the air of being somehow 'with it'. But, in truth, appearing as though they've crawled out of a shelter for the terminally disgusting — soggy-looking pants & marshmallow shoes that can only be symptomatic of a self-soiling.


Pet Peeve: Seriously though, who would want to go out in public wearing track pants & Uggs!? With make-up & nails done it's the fastest way to look like you shit yourself after falling in a creek then stepped on two marshmallows. Please, for the love of sanity & not ending up in the papers, let's all make a modicum of effort… if your ass is at your knees & says 'juicy' it's time to call it a day.