The Horse Race /

Horse racing serves as a metaphor to depict the mayhem, competition & speed that start-ups have to engage in to acquire investor's hard-earned cash. The article discussed the sheer number of new companies that come to market looking for funding; as well as the investors who are looking to invest, but assume risks akin to gambling if they neglect to research the field. Horse racing turned out to be both a great representation of the situation (for both parties) as well as super fun to draw. // In coming up with a concept, I'll often turn to known idioms that may be suitable for the intended message. In addition to the initial process/thought to the final image, separate conceptual options were given: dog racing, in the same vein as the final horse illustration; many fish in the sea; & finding a needle in a haystack. /// This piece cleaned up the awards, which is swell in my books! The recognition came from the 2012 Applied Arts Photo & Illustration Annual, American Illustration (website) & also 'Best Illustration' from the Alberta Magazine Awards!

Awards: Alberta Magazine Awards: Best Illustration / American Illustration / Applied Arts