The Worst Canadians /

The Beaver (magazine) created a collection of the 10 worst Canadians selected by historians throughout Canada's past. (The unlucky fellows that ended up being selected were Joseph Campbell Scott, Reiff, Farrer, Joseph Trutch, Beaverbrook, Diefenbaker, Hughs, Adrien, Kanao, & Sir John A. McDonald.) These are personal favourites of mine, particularly the first two. // In addition to historians selecting their favourites from the past, the Beaver also set up an online poll for the public to weigh in on, which got a bit ugly & perhaps silly, voting Trudeau as the 'Worst Canadian' (the final 10 were Pierre Trudeau, Chris Hannah, Henry Morgentaler, Brian Mulroney, Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka, Stephen Harper, Céline Dion, Jean Chrétien, Clifford Olson, & Conrad Black) This seems like proof that us plebs really can't be trusted to either make sense nor provide a credible opinion. That said, methinks Harper & Dion should stay.

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