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Interview with Magenta Manor

I recently had the fortune to be interviewed by the fine folks at MagentaManor.com, where I was allowed to prattle & expound on teaching, career evolution, the validity of awards & other possible foot-in-mouth worthy subjects!

If you have a spot of time, have a listen… .
toss me a line if you have any thoughts, want to tell me I’m right, wrong, crazy, or debate the finer points of the cosmological constant. etc.

Magenta Manor does a fine interview & have numerous others worth a listen, including Marco Cibola, Jacqui Oakley & Jamie Lawson, Kagan McLeod & a host of others. MM is hosted by Celia Krampien, Rachel Idzerda, Steven Hughes and Jori Bolto — all fantastic young illustrators in their own right!


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