Welcome to my blog. Now get off my lawn.


Patience is a Virtue.

Considering how much I like to rant & rave, it seems bizarre that it’s taken this long to have a blog of any sort, but here it is, or more correctly, will be. It’s already daunting to have a space to disseminate my half-baked but hopefully well considered thoughts on illustration, design, urbanism, cycling, & a hearty love of all things science (as well as the odd LOL Cat meme). Hopefully this exercise fosters some extended thought, conversation & maybe even provokes a laugh or two.

Like many illustrators/designers, I’ll also be sharing some of the process I use when solving visual problems in my day-to-day practice. So, dear 3 readers, please be patient & don’t stomp too hard when the inevitable offensively inconsiderate diatribe rears it’s ugly head… in such cases, it’s probably best to call me out & set me back on the Righteous Path.

More to come, soon… I hope.