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Scholastically Inclined

The next few months are promising to be a crazy & frenetic time as I’ll be teaching 4 classes! OCADU has me in for a 2 first year ‘Illustrative Concepts’ courses where we prod & poke & cajole our ever talented young students into illustrating brainiacs. The 3rd course at OCAD is ‘Illustrative Activism’ which is a super fun course where we do our best to use illustration to affect social change. Really, it’s my chance to rail, curse & stomp around whilst spewing political gibberish angrily… a damn good time if you ask me! Lastly, Sheridan College twisted my rubber arm to take on a 4th year editorial studiio, which should be pretty awesome.

Aside from feeling like I’m staring down a shotgun barrel with a train of molten lead ripping forward with all the prep & presentations, methinks this semester’s going to be interesting. Even in my short time teaching, it’s been both energizing & impressive watching a student get excited &/or grasp a concept for the first time & seeing that ‘click’… of course, this is balanced out by the odd soul-sucking critique, but c’est la vie.

In the meantime I’ll still be illustrating & designing as usual… See you kiddies on the other side!


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