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Scream If You Love Process!


Who doesn’t love drawing forceful human actions?! NO ONE, that’s who! Awhile back, the beautifully designed & extremely well written Oxford American gave me a call to illustrate a feature on Elena Passarello’s story “Harpy”. An excerpt from her book “Let Me Clear My Throat,” it details her preparation & eventual win of the New Orleans Shout Out contest — where contestants yell “Stella!” from the famous “A Streetcar Named Desire” scene.


Anyhoo, the title Harpy got me all riled up & a huge pile of rough work ushered forth from ye olde pen! This first set was super fun, but in the end deemed too aggressive for the tone of the story, which necessitate (yep) more drawing — which is fine enough by me!

The stomach-screaming version (top) & every-screaming-orifice options tickled my fancy, but c’est la vie. I was happy to re-approach the problem from a different angle, but in the process discovered some alternate creative modes/ways of drawing that I plan to use in future pieces.

Check out the drawings below, or have a boo at the final Harpy illustration.

Round 2 of process coming up in a new post — where we follow the riveting story & ultimate conclusion of ‘Scream If You Love Process!’



Mouths… screaming mouths everywhere…




If this is NSFW, then you should get a new job…


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