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Why Not Zoidberg?!

I usually don’t draw existing characters as I find it has little to add to the broader visual landscape/conversation, but fun is fun. Having enjoyed Futurama a little too much lately I thought Dr.Zoidberg was worth a shot… like him, maybe? (he asked casually)


Scream If You Love Process!

Who doesn’t love drawing forceful human actions?! NO ONE, that’s who! Awhile back, the beautifully designed & extremely well written Oxford American gave me a call to illustrate a feature on Elena Passarello’s story “Harpy”. Anyhoo, the title Harpy got me all riled up & a huge pile of rough work ushered forth from ye olde pen!



Like many people, I grew up reading & drawing comics… It’d been ages since any of those characters were put to paper, so I thought I’d […]


Just Monkeying Around

Some early stage doodles of a baboon for the Zoo gallery show. As animals are always a treat to draw, I started playing with a baboon that would have a print-style feeling. These are some of the early versions of the image which were not quite the look I was intending, but (imo) fairly interesting none the less. The final piece below is where it all ended up.


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