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Interview with Magenta Manor

I recently had the fortune to be interviewed by the fine folks at MagentaManor.com, where I was allowed to prattle & expound on teaching, career evolution, the validity of awards & other possible foot-in-mouth worthy subjects!


Short Animations

Here are a few animation sketches of both my colour & black & white work. The black & white scene is simply to show the layering possibilities, which under better hands could be far more complicated, paced well, & include colour or other moving elements — for example: a landing airplane in the background, depth-of-field focusing, etc.

Icon, I Did!

As a break from updates & general busy work, I thought I’d toss together a possible cover, but using a book of fiction: Roddy Doyle’s ‘Bullfighting’. The drawing within was originally done for the Globe & Mail’s book review of the same novel. I like the almost 60/70s-style feel that this series has, & wanted to give it a go.


Just Monkeying Around

Some early stage doodles of a baboon for the Zoo gallery show. As animals are always a treat to draw, I started playing with a baboon that would have a print-style feeling. These are some of the early versions of the image which were not quite the look I was intending, but (imo) fairly interesting none the less. The final piece below is where it all ended up.


What I'm Listening To

The Clash, Rock the Casbah

Ty Segall, Bullet Proof Nothing

The Handsome Furs, Repatriated

Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, Violent Girls

Quirks & Quarks, Podcast

WNYC's RadioLab, Podcast

What I'm Reading

"Big Bang" by Simon Singh

"The Information" by James Glick

"Why Does E=MC2?" by Bryan Greene

Work I like

Elissa Parente