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Why Not Zoidberg?!

I usually don’t draw existing characters as I find it has little to add to the broader visual landscape/conversation, but fun is fun. Having enjoyed Futurama a little too much lately I thought Dr.Zoidberg was worth a shot… like him, maybe? (he asked casually)


Scream If You Love Process!

Who doesn’t love drawing forceful human actions?! NO ONE, that’s who! Awhile back, the beautifully designed & extremely well written Oxford American gave me a call to illustrate a feature on Elena Passarello’s story “Harpy”. Anyhoo, the title Harpy got me all riled up & a huge pile of rough work ushered forth from ye olde pen!


Erykah Badu Process

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough get a call from Vibe Magazine to work on a portrait of Erykah Badu whereI was happy to give a solid collection of options, ranging from ‘classic portrait’ (chosen for the final) to semi-cubist to imagery inside her silhouetted body.


Gold! Alberta Magazine Awards

A little while ago I received the delightful news that my illustration Alberta Oil magazine won Gold in the Illustration category in the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards.

Interview with Magenta Manor

I recently had the fortune to be interviewed by the fine folks at MagentaManor.com, where I was allowed to prattle & expound on teaching, career evolution, the validity of awards & other possible foot-in-mouth worthy subjects!


Strength Through Design!

Sometimes you just have to freak out a little when an art-director/designer makes your illustration look like it’s made of gold, which is what happened in this weekend’s Focus section in the Globe & Mail.


AMA Nomination

I just happily learned that I’m a finalist in the the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards in 14 Showcase. Thanks to the kind folks at Alberta Oil magazine & their fantastic art-direction! Last year I managed to score ‘Best Illustration’ (2012) for another illustration for Alberta Oil — the Great Horse Race — shown below as well.


New Prints Are Up!

Slowly but surely more & more prints are making it up on my Etsy store. Head on over to the shop & have a look. Of course, if you’re interested in a piece that’s on my site but not the Etsy store, toss me an email & I’ll get it up in all haste.


Short Animations

Here are a few animation sketches of both my colour & black & white work. The black & white scene is simply to show the layering possibilities, which under better hands could be far more complicated, paced well, & include colour or other moving elements — for example: a landing airplane in the background, depth-of-field focusing, etc.


Best Illustration at the AMA!

Last night while enjoying an unseasonably warm evening & eating gelato I received an exciting — I’d won ‘Best Illustration’ for ‘Due Diligence’ at the Alberta Magazine Awards. The illustration was originally created for the fine people at Alberta Oil Magazine. Woot!


Applied Arts Award!

I just got a spot of good news — a few of my favourite illustrations from this year will be in the 2012 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards. A series of 3 book reviews for the Globe & Mail with the ever great to work with David Woodside made the cut as did a fun illo of a horse race for Alberta Oil magazine with Andrew Forbes.


I just tossed up another sneak-peek of new work on Dribble. If you’ve not had had a chance to check out the site, you can head over there & hit ‘follow’ to see snippets of illos a little early.

Have a look! dribbble.com/dushan


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