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Gold! Alberta Magazine Awards

A little while ago I received the delightful news that my illustration Alberta Oil magazine won Gold in the Illustration category in the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards.


Strength Through Design!

Sometimes you just have to freak out a little when an art-director/designer makes your illustration look like it’s made of gold, which is what happened in this weekend’s Focus section in the Globe & Mail.


AMA Nomination

I just happily learned that I’m a finalist in the the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards in 14 Showcase. Thanks to the kind folks at Alberta Oil magazine & their fantastic art-direction! Last year I managed to score ‘Best Illustration’ (2012) for another illustration for Alberta Oil — the Great Horse Race — shown below as well.


New Prints Are Up!

Slowly but surely more & more prints are making it up on my Etsy store. Head on over to the shop & have a look. Of course, if you’re interested in a piece that’s on my site but not the Etsy store, toss me an email & I’ll get it up in all haste.


Applied Arts Award!

I just got a spot of good news — a few of my favourite illustrations from this year will be in the 2012 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards. A series of 3 book reviews for the Globe & Mail with the ever great to work with David Woodside made the cut as did a fun illo of a horse race for Alberta Oil magazine with Andrew Forbes.

Scholastically Inclined

Aside from feeling like I’m staring down a shotgun barrel with a train of molten lead ripping forward with all the prep & presentations, methinks this semester’s going to be interesting. Even in my short time teaching, it’s been both energizing & impressive watching a student get excited &/or grasp a concept for the first time & seeing that ‘click’…


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