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TED Talk Tuesdays #1

Something I’ve always enjoyed & wanted to do, is share some favourite TED talks. Since discovering them 5-6 years ago (?), they’ve become a regular staple in my surfing, reading, inspirational digging habit. With a deep love of science, tech, cognition & ‘big picture’ thought, TED immediately had me hooked & slack-jawed.

So, here are the 3 talks that got me hooked & have never left my mind… the amount of humour is incredible in delivering such difficult & interesting topics. If you’ve got one that you can’t live without, tweet me on Twitter’cause I’d love to see it.

1. A delightful & honest talk on killing creativity that any ‘creative’ can immediately sympathize & remember: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity.

2. Super interesting, variable & wandering talk on how tech & science will affect us: Juan Enriquez shares mindboggling science.

3. An entertaining, accurate & intelligent critique of the urban space in North America: James H Kunstler dissects suburbia.